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Fall Baseball Info

Wasco Baseball offers the area's best Fall baseball experience.

The season begins with practices in early August and games start the last weekend in August. No games are played during Labor Day weekend and the season concludes in mid to late October. Games are only played on Saturdays and Sundays. Below is a description of our leagues (age as of 4/30/19):

PeeWee: Cost $165.00
Age: 4 – 5 yrs. All players play the field and bat each inning. Coach pitches to team. A batting tee may be used. Coach can form their team.

Contact for additional information.

Instructional: Cost $200
Age: 6 – 7yrs. Nine players play the field. All bat or until three outs are made. Two Divisions:
- Red is for 6yr olds who are first year Instructional players.
- Blue is for 7yr olds who have played at least one season of Instructional level, or similar.

Contact for additional information.

For our Minor, Major, and Pony leagues, we offer two divisions:

Competitive - A Competitive team/player is a full team of 10-12 Travel/All-Star experienced players.  Any team that cannot field 10-12 players and has greater than 6 players, will receive additional players via a blind draft.  The blind draft will consist of players that have registered for Competitive but have not been rostered by a manager.  Any player registering for Competitive that is not rostered by a manager is required to attend a board evaluation to determine their ability to play at the Fall Competitive division (players that played Travel or All Stars in 2019 are excluded from evaluation).  If the player does not attend the evaluation or is not determined to be qualified for the Competitive level, they will be placed into the Recreational level.

Recreational - A Recreational team/player is a team of 6 players or less, or a non-rostered player that would like to continue to develop their baseball skills.  Teams with 6 players or less will receive additional players based on a blind draft until the team reaches the 10-12 player roster.

Registration Fees:
Minor: Cost $220.00 Rec and Comp divisions
Age: 8 – 9 yrs. IHSA baseball rules with some modifications, such as no infield fly or dropped third strike. No lead-offs, steal bases once ball crosses the plate. All bat, player pitch.

Contact for additional information.

Major: Cost $230.00 Rec and Comp divisions
Age: 10 – 11 yrs. IHSA Rules with a few modifications. All bat, player pitch.

Contact for additional information.

Pony: Cost $230.00 Rec and Comp divisions
Age: 12 – 13 yrs. IHSA rules with a couple modifications.

Contact for additional information.

Colt: Cost: $245.00
Age: 14 – 17 yrs. IHSA rules – Coach can form their team.

Contact for additional information


Competitive League Discount:
If you bring a full travel team into any of our Fall baseball competitive leagues and wear your travel uniforms each paid player will receive a $50 discount.  Please notify Patrick Webb, our Director of Registration if you decide to wear your own uniforms and your discount will be sent after all players have registered.

For more information contact Director of Registration  at .