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2024 Spring Baseball

2024 Wasco Baseball Spring League Information

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the player and manager registration links.

We're making some significant changes to the Spring Season, that we believe will make it better for our Players, Coaches and Families.

For more information on the 2024 Wasco Baseball Spring Schedule and full timeline, please see Spring Reboot.

To get acquainted with the Wasco Baseball philosophy on player development and progression, please see the Wasco Baseball Player Journey Overview.

Games are played Monday through Thursday (starting at 5:30 or 6pm), Saturday and Sunday (start times range 9am - 5pm). No games are played Memorial Day weekend and the season concludes the end of June (the Cactus (High School)  season ends early June, as to not overlap with Summer Cactus (High School)). 

Evaluation Information: Minor, Major, and Grapefruit Leagues:

For our Minor, Major, and Grapefruit (7th/8th Grade) leagues, all players will go through an evaluation. Coaches will be in attendance, and will subsequently have a draft to organize teams. All players will be placed on a team.  Players not able to attend the tryout will be selected through a blind draft, which is held at the end of draft day. Coach/assistant coach & son/daughter are on the same team by default.

MINOR EVALS: 3/16/2024


Meet the Commissioners

Tee Ball Commissioner: Kyle Zimmerman |

Pee Wee Commissioner:  Justin Kersey |

Rookie Commissioner: Matt Slater |

Farm Commissioner: Phil Rymarz |

Minor Commissioner: Andrew Seppala |

Major Commissioner: Tony Cavallo |

Grapefruit Commissioner: Brian Ralph |

Cactus Commissioner: Brian Kent |

Wasco Baseball League Overview

Player Registration

Manager Registration

Manager and Assistant Coaches

Thank you for considering the important job of managing a youth baseball team.  Here in Wasco we give you all the help you need to make your job of coaching/managing more enjoyable.  This includes a dedicated team of league commissioners and a preseason Manager's Meeting, Coaching Tips/Guides, and access to our Director of Player & Coach Development. 

Wasco Baseball has contracted with NCSI to process background checks on coaches and assistant coaches, every year.  

The Spring Manager's meeting is Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

For help with registration or for questions about the Leagues, please contact: 

Dustin Ackman

Dustin Ackman

Director of Registration

Phone: 224-545-6364