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Introducing Wasco Tee Ball!

NEW in 2021!

Up until this point, Wasco Baseball's Pee Wee league has been the entry point into the organization. Pee Wee is dedicated to 5 and 6 year olds, but we've heard from our members that there is interest in a program focused on younger players. We are excited to announce, Wasco Baseball is now offering a Tee Ball league for players who are Pre-K!

The spirit of the Tee Ball league is to give young players a fun introduction to the game of baseball, while focusing on the basic fundamentals needed to participate in organized baseball.

Included in the registration fee is a hat and a jersey. Players will participate in approximately 10 practices and 8 games, throughout the 10 week season, which starts end of April, early May.

Team sizes will be intentionally kept small (5-6 players) so our Volunteer coaches can really focus on making it fun, while teaching the fundamentals like throwing, catching, hitting. Practices and games will be kept to 40 minutes, to ensure focus and enjoyment is maximized. 

A few notes about the Tee Ball league: 

  • A tee will be used for all hitting (no coach pitch)
  • Players must be at least 3 and Pre-K (Players in Kindergarten will play in Pee Wee)
  • There will be no "Play ups" into Tee Ball, meaning players younger than the age of 3 (based on 4/30) can not play up into Tee Ball.
  • There will be no "Play ups" into Pee Wee, meaning all Pre-K players must play in Tee Ball. No Exceptions will be made, other than existing Pre-K players who have already played 1 season of Pee Wee. Those players can remain in Pee Wee. 



If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Tee Ball Commissioner: 

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Eddie Lowitzki

Eddie Lowitzki

Tee Ball Commissioner

Phone: 630-697-2550

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