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Wasco Travel Baseball


Wasco Travel Baseball has been part of the Northern Illinois baseball scene for over 30 years and we are proud of delivering against our mission of cultivating a developmental, competitive, and positive experience for the players, coaches, and families connected to our program.  

We are an elite program seeking to develop quality young people.  We field travel teams from 9U thru 13U that represent Wasco Baseball all over the country with pride, determination, and good sportsmanship.  Our 12U teams compete in the most competitive tournament at Dreams Park in Cooperstown, NY (home of the baseball hall of fame). Wasco Baseball has been the start of many players on the rosters of area high schools such as Bartlett, Batavia, Burlington Central, Dekalb, Elgin Academy, Geneva, Kaneland, Marmion, West Aurora, South Elgin, St. Charles East, St. Charles North, Sycamore, and more.

In 2021 we are launching the next evolution of our respected tradition by retooling our program by partnering with professional trainers while maintaining our “DNA” of being a community-based organization.  While we continue to be fortunate to attract quality coaching for our travel teams, utilizing professional instructors during the winter will only add to the experience of being a member of the Wasco Travel Baseball program.


Winter Development

  • Starting in January, players will participate in weekly development activities through March led by professional coaches, with the travel coaches in attendance to learn and understand the drills.

  • Small and combined-aged group practices will span January and February where similar aged groups will combine for hitting, pitching, fielding, catching, and baserunning training.

  • Multi-activity players will benefit by signing up for date and time slots during the week which best fits their schedule for these training sessions.

  • Drills will focus on fundamentals for players, and attendance on a regular basis will aid in that development.  Repetition is the key for many of the movement patterns in baseball.

  • Starting in March, team practices will commence to continue player development and build team camaraderie for the upcoming season.

Spring/Summer Competition

  • Teams will play a 30-50 game season by participating in local leagues and tournaments

  • Between 5-8 tournaments will be part of the experience

  • Full-team and small group practices will continue throughout the spring and summer


Wasco Baseball has a proud tradition of fielding competitive travel teams and we’re looking for talented players to continue that tradition in 2021!  You can check out our travel program highlights on our website at See our tryout schedule below.



Below are the head coaches for the 2021 season:


What makes the Wasco Travel Baseball program different than prior years?

The feedback we heard from our members is the importance of development for their players, so we looked at other programs in the area and recognized we should make a few adjustments to our model.

  1. Add a Professional Instruction to our Community-Based Model

  2. Pool our training resources during the winter

  3. Build schedule flexibility to accommodate multi-sport/activity athletes

How does the Professional Instructor model work?

During the winter, we will partner with skilled instructors around hitting, infield, outfield, catching, baserunning, and pitching.  These instructors will partner with the player and coach by leading team drills and developing individualized plans.

How does pooling of the training resources work?

We will be combining age groups for some of the skill workshops (e.g. infield, catching, outfield, etc.) since much of the same drills can apply to multiple ages.  This model provides the ability to leverage time and money spent on quality instructors and space.

Can you Describe the schedule flexibility component?

Historically, teams would schedule a practice which might conflict with multiple-sport  players’ schedules.  We want to encourage our players to participate in other sports and activities while giving them the ability to develop their baseball skills.  Multiple sessions during the week will be provided where the player can choose the best schedule option for them.  We don’t expect Wasco baseball to be the sole priority, but it should be their top priority once the season starts. 

Why make the change?

Wasco has always relied upon the qualified volunteerism to provide the coaching and development.  This has served us well, but we recognized a growing trend of players leaving Wasco for programs promising stronger development.  We want our families to avoid the longer drive commitments and higher prices of these other programs, while receiving an opportunity for   advanced development for their player.  

Will there be team practices?

Yes.  Starting in March each team will practice minimally once a week to complement the position specific skill workshops during the week.  In some cases, we may combine teams of a similar age during these practice sessions.

What does the off-season program look like?

There are three key features of our off-season program:

  1. Position Specific Instruction--players will receive dedicated instruction on advancing position specific skills during their team practices and position specific workshops.

  2. Small Group Hitting--at least once a week, there will be a 4:1 player to instructor ratio providing training and mechanics and quality repetitions.

  3. Progressive Bullpens--pitchers will follow a progressive plan to build arm strength to prepare for increased pitch counts at the start of the season.

  4. Physical and Mental Health--players and families will be invited to Wasco Baseball sponsored special events designed to help players care for their bodies and minds.  

​What does the position specific instruction look like?

Every week beginning in January, there will be a practice with a specific focus on skills for catchers, infielders, and outfielders. Only players who play a particular position need to attend the workshop. Players will have the ability to attend more than one position session and will work with their coaches to figure out the details.

How will my player get individualized development?

The team coach will have the responsibility to identify, track, and partner with the instructors to ensure individualized development occurs.  Of course, players and families are encouraged to utilize the services of the instructors outside of the program. 

Who are the instructors?

Wasco Baseball has a lot of strong connections and we have gained commitments from former collegiate players and proven instructors familiar with training the different age groups.  As we finalize the schedule, we will share the names and organizations partnering with us in this new program.

How many tournaments will we play?

Teams will play in between 5-8 tournaments with the older ages playing in more than the younger aged teams.  Coaches and families will be responsible for identifying the tournaments which best fit their team.  Early in the season, we may host intra-squad games and local scrimmages to get game competitive reps before the season starts.  

Will the teams play in a local league?

Coaches will determine whether they will participate in an established league (e.g. KCBL) or a customized league based on their discretion.  ​

​How many teams?

We will field one team at 9U, two teams at 10U-12U, and one team at 13U.  This will be determined by level of talent, as all teams will be expected to prepare for a very competitive schedule.

​How many players per roster?

The team head coach will determine roster size of 11-12 players.  ​

How much does the Program cost?

The player season cost will range from about $1,200 to $1,600 based on age and excludes uniform costs.  Our 12U teams participate in the Cooperstown Dreams Park experience, so their team costs will be higher. Cooperstown costs are separate and generally handled via team fundraising. 

Will Wasco sponsor part-time Travel teams and will they participate in this program?

Yes, Wasco will have part-time travel teams in 2021.  They will not participate in this program, but we are organizing ‘pre-season’ training in the early spring for these players.

WHY is wasco adding a second 13u team for 2021?

Our updated travel program (see above) has created enough interest to support a 13U program for the 2021 season.  Jeff Glab will be the head coach for the second 13U team for the 2021 season.  Typically, the league supports one team at the 13U level, but we are fortunate to have a loyal and qualified coach and we are thrilled to support two teams at this level.

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