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Wasco Baseball Player Journey Overview


The objective of this Overview is to offer Wasco Baseball Members a comprehensive roadmap outlining the various developmental pathways available to Wasco Baseball players as they advance through the program. In our Recreational leagues, we will also detail the specific developmental goals we want our players to focus on at that level.

Regarding Play-Ups: 

At Wasco Baseball, we firmly believe in the importance of players participating in their respective grade levels, both for social and developmental benefits. In the past, our policy allowed for play-ups, which had unintended consequences. Consequently, we made the decision to discontinue play-ups entirely a few years ago, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the quality of all our leagues.


For frequently asked questions about the approximate number of games, size of field, pitching format, size of roster, and more, please visit the Spring and/or Fall Overview pages:

Intro to Tee Ball (Recreational)

Grade: Pre-School, with a minimum age of 3.5

Objectives & Goals: 

  • Introduce basic fielding & throwing mechanics
  • Learn where 1st, 2nd, SS, & 3rd positions are
  • Learn proper base running direction
  • Introduce Batting off a tee & batting safety (helmet, bat safety)

Tee Ball Tips for Coaches:

Tee Ball (Recreational)

Grade: Pre-School, with a minimum age of 3.5 and will attend Kindergarten the following Fall

Objectives & Goals: 

  • Introduce game like scenarios by playing other teams
  • Introduce proper defensive posture and base covering while on defense
  • Introduce tracking the ball with the eyes, whether in the air or on the ground
  • Learn to run all the way through 1st base

Tee Ball Tips for Coaches:

Pee Wee (Recreational)

Grade: Kindergarten

Objectives & Goals: 

  • Introduce coach pitch
  • Introduce concept of force outs
  • Learn the importance of using a tee to continue to develop proper hitting mechanics
  • Focus on Infield throws to 1st and Outfield throws to 2nd
  • Develop proper positioning across the field while learning to play as a defensive unit
  • Continue developing basic fielding & throwing mechanics and hitting off the tee
  • Continue developing game-like scenarios by playing other teams
  • Continue learning to run through 1st properly
  • Teach the players the names of the positions

Rookie (Recreational)

Grade: 1st Grade

Objectives & Goals: 

  • Start counting outs
  • Introduce the Catcher position
  • Introduce infield throwing to get the lead force out
  • Introduce extra base hits
  • Introduce proper baserunning on extra base hits
  • Introduce sliding
  • Introduce proper pop-fly technique including calling for the ball *BALL!*
  • Continue developing proper base covering while on defense, coach pitch and outfield throws to 2nd

Farm (Recreational)

Grade: 2nd Grade

Objectives & Goals: 

  • Introduce kid pitch & proper pitching mechanics
  • Begin counting strikes
  • Develop base running
  • Development of the batter (awareness/instincts/decision making) tracking balls and strikes (when to swing)
  • Continue developing proper base covering while on defense, outfield throws to 2nd, counting outs, extra base hits
  • Continued development of team defense (communication, base covering, cutoffs)
  • Continued development of batter safety through learning techniques on how to properly get hit by a pitch


AGES: 8u-14u

The Wasco Baseball All Stars Program is an optional offering for players, running concurrently with the Recreational League (participants must be registered in the recreational league to be eligible for All Star teams). This program is designed to fulfill one of both of the two primary objectives for Wasco Baseball Members:

  1. More Baseball! Players seeking more game time, without committing entirely to Travel baseball, have the opportunity to try out for an All Star Team.
  2. Travel Team Preparation: Many players who successfully make the 8u and 9u All Star teams aspire to eventually try out for and play with Wasco Baseball's Full-Time Travel teams. All Star baseball is a great way to get a taste of what Full-Time travel is like, without the same financial and time commitments. 

Tryouts will occur in February/March. Wasco Baseball typically fields 2 teams at 8u* and one team at 9u*, 10u, 11u, 12u and a combined 13u/14u team. 

* 8u has two teams, a kid-pitch team (first team) and a coach-pitch team (second team). Playing 8u All Stars is not in any way a requirement for 9u Full-Time Travel, however historically we have seen many of the 8uKP kids play 9u travel the following year. Similarly, many of the 8uCP players end up playing 9u All Stars. Further, historically, many of the 9u All Stars end up playing on the 10u Navy (second) team the following year. Playing on the 8u and 9u All Star teams provides no guarantee of players making a Travel team the following year, but the extra All Stars baseball can certainly help prepare players for Full-Time travel. 

The Wasco baseball All Stars Program offers additional games and participation in tournaments. For a more detailed Overview of the All Stars Program, including FAQs, please visit this link:


AGES: 9u-14u

The Wasco Baseball Full-Time Travel Program caters to young athletes who are dedicated to a substantial investment in their passion for baseball. Our program typically comprises one 9u team, two 10u teams, two 11u teams, and two 12u teams. For players aged 13u and 14u, we've formed a partnership with Top Pick, a provider of professional instruction, to assist those focusing on securing spots on their high school teams.

The Wasco Baseball Full-Time Travel Program encompasses:

  • Winter Training (January-March): A comprehensive training program to sharpen skills during the off-season.
  • Full Season of Games and Tournaments (April-July): An extensive schedule of games and tournaments to provide ample competitive opportunities.
  • Possible Fall Training or Games: Depending on the preferences of the coach, additional training or games may be included in the program.

Tryouts are scheduled for the first few weeks of July, for the following season. While most Full-Time Travel players begin Travel Baseball at 9u or 10u, players are able to try out each year and we have many examples of kids making a Travel team starting after 10u. 

For a full Overview, including FAQs, of the Wasco Baseball Travel Baseball Program, visit:

Low A - (Old Name: Minor) (Recreational)

Grade: 3rd Grade

Objectives & Goals: 

  • Continue developing kid pitch and hitting off kid pitching skills
  • Continue developing baserunning, including introducing steals
  • Introduce relay throws

High A - (Old Name: Minor) (Recreational)

Grade: 4th Grade

Objectives & Goals:

  • Continue developing kid pitch and hitting off kid pitching skills
  • Continue developing baserunning and steals

AA - (Old Name: Major) (Recreational)

Grade: 5th & 6th Grade

Objectives & Goals:

  • Introduce pick-offs
  • Introduce concepts like dropped third strike and infield flies. 
  • Continue developing kid pitch and hitting off kid pitching skills
  • Continue developing baserunning and steals, including stealing home

AAA - (Old Name: Grapefruit) (Recreational)

Grade: 7th & 8th Grade

Objectives & Goals:

  • Introduce situational hitting
  • Introduce off-speed pitches

Majors - (Old Name: Cactus) (Recreational)

Grade: 9th-12th Grade

Objectives & Goals:

  • Continue to emphasize game situations
  • Continue working on learning counts, reading release/spin